This course will help you build a knowledge of customer service; critical skills to establish long and gratifying relationships with customers, and to deal with customer dispute resolution from an aviation viewpoint.A must-have to stay up with the expectations within this global sector which is witnessing a rising number of travelers and operates inside a continually changing and tough environment.

The airline and Airport Diploma program includes issues connected to overall airport management such as ground crew training, air ticketing, etc. This course educates the students in areas such as airline ticketing, customer service, passenger handling, communication skills, soft skills, principles of airport management. Airport Customer Service is for those, who are ready to work at the international level and in a luxury setting of the airport.

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Our staff is here to assist you in constantly archiving your goal as a professional flight attendant. Formalize your Ground Operations expertise according to international standards, Develop integrated operational and management abilities on Ground Ops role as Service Provider or as Airline Ground employees, Benefit from a chosen mix of Ground operations related courses and Diploma is granted to participants attaining a grade of 60 percent or above on all exercises and tests.

This course is intended to cover all parts of airport Ground Handling as well as Study the fundamentals of the Travel and tourism business and discover what it takes to become a successful travel agent.

  • Develop excellent communication skills
  • Good computer skills
  • Skills in collaboration and presentation
  • Teamworking skills
  • Flexable to stay calm under pressure
  • Sessions offered by a professionals
Customer loyalty can only be maintained by providing continuously high levels of customer care. With new technologies being brought to the market, customer service staff need to be even more ready to operate with little face-to-face connection while being culturally and emotionally informed.

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It is only possible to preserve long-term client relationships by offering consistently excellent levels of customer service. As new technologies enter the market, customer service representatives will need to be increasingly more prepared to work with limited face-to-face contact while still being culturally and emotionally knowledgeable. Ground Operations skills should be formalized in accordance with international standard, whether as a service provider or an airline ground staff member, you must have solid operational and managerial skills. Participants who pass all exercises and assessments with a grade of 60 percent or above are awarded a diploma and may choose from a variety of ground operations courses. 

Why should you pursue a Diploma in Airline Customer Service?

Airport and airline management concerns such as ground staff training, air ticketing, and other related topics are covered in the Diploma degree in airline and airport management. In this course, the students learn about topics such as airline ticketing, customer service, passenger handling, communication skills, soft skills, and the fundamentals of airport administration. Airport Customer Service is for individuals who are prepared to work at a high level on an international scale in a luxurious environment such as an airport.

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